New Hosting Service Installation

This domain was created about a year ago, on GoDaddy.  By the time I had realized all of the additional costs and fees that were part of the GoDaddy deal I decided to just leave the domain parked and revisit the idea when the time came to renew the domain name.

The time came, GoDaddy had been hounding the hell out of me about renewing and auto renewing and offering all kinds of discounts for stuff I have no interest in but the one thing that was certain is that the cost for renewing the domain had gone up by 50%.  Accordingly, Cape Ann Conservative relocated to a new DNS provider and obtained a suitable “intro” rate for hosting, for one year.

After the initial teaser year the annual fee will still only be about 1/3 the cost of GoDaddy.  I guess they are all about like that, at least that was my experience with Host Gator, Blue Host, and some others who I don’t remember anymore.

This site will be a complete rebuild, a mid-winter distraction to keep me amused.

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